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DanceHaus Hip Hop Department was born in 2019 with the mission of training competent professionals not only in the field of urban dance entertainment, but also in the field of performing arts, in order to respond to a world of work that increasingly requires interdisciplinarity and versatility .

The DanceHaus Hip Hop Department, under the direction of Susanna Beltrami, offers an avant-garde study path, in harmony with the paths offered by the large European Centers, capable of offering students new forms and unique contents in a professional training lasting three years.  Parallel to the learning work, the students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the compositional work by presenting their own choreographic experiments to the public and insiders, participating in stimulating opportunities for visibility.

After an audition, the DanceHaus Hip Hop Department Management accompanies and supports each student in the possibility of choosing between different professional study paths based on their specific needs and characteristics.



Founded in 2006 by choreographer Susanna Beltrami, DanceHausit is the 'House of Dance' in which they live togetherthree professional training academies

Susanna Beltrami Academy

DanceHaus Hip Hop Department

Kataklo' Giulia Staccioli Academy

They are also based infour resident companies

Susanna Beltrami Company

DanceHaus Company,

DanceHaus Junior Company,

Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre

and since 2018 theNational Dance Production Center DANCEHAUSpiù, recognized by the Ministry of Culture.

Based inMilan, DanceHaus fits into the richpanorama

artistic-cultural of the metropolis, actively collaborating with some of the most prestigious dance and theater festivals, cultural institutes, universities and companies in the  Lombardy territory, as well as with important fashion and design institutions.


During the academic year, Dancehaus offers students the opportunity to doprofessional experiences in the world of dance, participating increative weeks,special projects, artistic residencies, external events and composition workshops organized by students.

These experiences allow dancers to develop solid artistic and performance skills and to put into practice all the knowledge learned during the course of the year.


Dancehaus presents itself as acrossroads of choreographers, teachers, students, artists and creativeswho come from all over Europe, and thanks to Eurasia Dance Project, from all over the world.Openness, sharing, belonging, but also fun and enthusiasm These are just some of the features present in our community which allows those who are part of it to express their creativity.

The DanceHaus Hip Hop Department teaching staff is made up exclusively of career artists with a wealth of training and performance experience. In addition to the teachers present all year round, there are artists, choreographers, international performers, guests who during the Creative Weeks they try their hand at creations that are shown to the public, giving a great opportunity for professional growth to our students.



From 2022DanceHaus is an accredited body for professional training services, Lombardy Region register no. 1274 and is therefore able to release at the end of the three-year period theRegional Diploma of Professional Dancer, reaching EQF level 4.

The Diploma awarded is recognized by the European community and gives graduates the opportunity to face the world of work with onecertification of value.

The skills certification system of the Lombardy Region is regulated by the State-Regions agreement and refers to the EQF system, an objective community reference framework, functional to relating the national qualification systems and frameworks of the adhering countries.


During the three-year period, students are invited to cultivate and put into practiceinterdisciplinary skills linked to the world of entertainment and all its cultural aspects. 
We have established training credits to recognizeextracurricular activities such as hospitality during shows, support for productions (lighting, costumes), organization of the library, support for the press office and communication.


Thanks to numerous agreements, Dancehaus students have the opportunity to take advantage of all thecultural offerthat the metropolis of Milan offers, such as theatre, dance, festivals and numerous exclusive live events.

Furthermore, the season ofshows and performances Exister organized by the National Dance Production Center DANCEHAUSpiù allows students to witness and immerse themselves in the panorama of young Italian art dance.

Participation in these cultural events, combined with the study of theoretical subjects, is a key element of the education of Dancehaus students and allows students to develop personal critical thinking and a complete vision of art, dance and the world of entertainment.

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