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The goal of the Dancehaus Hip Hop Department is to offer three-year professional-level training to young dancers ages 14 to 30 who exhibit suitable bodily, expressive and creative gifts.

Admission to the Professional Course is made by audition on the premises or by Web Audition.

At the end of the three-year period, a diploma recognized by the Lombardy Region and valid at the European level is issued to each student, as DanceHaus is an Accredited Body for professional training services, Lombardy Region Register No. 1274

DURATION: 3 years / October - June

MANDATORY FREQUENCY: Monday to Friday (Saturday upon request)

HOURS: 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

ADMISSION AGE: 16/30 years old

METHOD OF ADMISSION: free audition + aptitude interview​

Our training is developed over the course of three years with a rich schedule and draws on a highly qualified and diverse faculty from the worlds of dance, theater and performing arts.

The curriculum includes the study of Hip Hop and urban dance disciplines such as: House, Locking, Popping, Dancehall, Voguing, Waacking, Heels, Jazzfunk and Breaking.

In line with the training offered by leading European academies, the schedule is completed with the study of Urban contemporary, Floorwork, Dynamic Flow, Classical Technique and Gyrokinesis™, to which are added theoretical focuses

on the Anatomy, Music and Physiology of Movement.

For more than 15 years, DanceHaus, thanks to its experience in the field of art education, has developed its own exclusive training method based on the study of technique, coupled with the experiences of both Special Projects

and Creative Weeks.

The mission is to provide its students with a personal expressive language of movement that will make them competitive in the working world on a European and international level.


Parallel to the learning work, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in compositional work through self-directed workshops. At the end of the year, choreographic experiments are presented to the management and finally to the public.

In addition, thanks to the numerous collaborations DanceHaus can boast within the territory, students have the opportunity to participate in numerous extracurricular projects: video clips, fashion shows, site-specific performances and cultural events.


Creative weeks are artistic residencies involving renowned choreographers and second- and third-year DanceHaus Hip Hop Department students

Each year in February and March, Dancehaus invites artists and choreographers with the goal of creating and sharing a choreographic design with the students. At the end of each week, the dancers have the opportunity to show the result of the new teaching experience through final performances with the audience.


During the three-year period, students are invited to cultivate and put into practice interdisciplinary skills linked to the world of entertainment and all its cultural aspects. They were established iformative credits to recognize extracurricular activities such as hospitality during shows, support for productions (lighting, costumes), organization of the library, support for the press office and communication.

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