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Master in languages and practices of the HIP HOP scene

DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami and Byron Clairicia give life to Hip Haus, the first master aimed at professional dancers to explore the languages and practices of the Hip Hop scene, from its historical roots to contemporary experimentation with the help and contamination of other artistic languages such as the music and the video. The ultimate goal is to create a collective of artists who experience all stages of artistic and choreographic creation to reach the performative experience with participation in shows, events, contests and shows on the national and international scene.

24 weekends from October to May 2022

A full immersion to deepen and rework with artists of the caliber of

Mr. Byron, David Colas, Marco Cavalloro, Lilly Malloci, Sly, MikyBoo,

Macia Del Prete, Matteo Viganli and Stefano Fardelli

the language of hip hop dance, contemporary dance and experimentation for the fusion of these styles. The master will take place in the spaces of DanceHaus in Milan, a training and production center and will consist of 3 work modules each of which will end with a showcase open to the public. Admission will consist of two an online pre-selection and a call back at the DanceHaus headquarters in Milan.


Duration and structure

  • Duration: 1 academic year from October 21 to May 22 (24 weekends)

  • Attendance method: weekend formula (Sat-Sun from 10:00 - 18:00)

  • Language: Italian/English


Requirements for admission

  • Good/advanced level of knowledge of Hip Hop techniques (it is necessary to have already obtained professional training in academies and training centers)

  • Good level of knowledge of contemporary dance techniques

  • Previous artistic experience (to be certified via CV)



Method of admission

Pre-selection online by sending the following material: only hip hop that highlights, interpretation technique, stage presence and atmosphere. only contemporary that highlights interpretation, stage presence and atmosphere, cv- -motivational letter, photo.

On-site audition c/o DanceHaus Via Tertulliano, 70 – Milan 27 June – 19 September





  • I work on Fluidity as rhythmic, continuity and connection

  • I work on Musicality as complexity of sound and rhythmic research

  • Work on the plasticity of the body for the research of the shape

  • Floor as fluidity, rotation and connection with the ground

  • Study on the development of a piece of music

     -    Approfondimenti per raggiungere una qualità di autonomous movement

     - Experimental laboratories with other languages of the scene


Contacts  | 02-36515997

Ig @dhhdmilano



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